Last time still under marketing, we looked at BRANDING, today, we will explore advertising small business by employing different advertising avenues. A lot of people confuse advertising with marketing. Simply put, advertising is one of many ways to market your business.

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When you mention advertising, most people’s mind just run to radio, TV and print (newspaper, flyers, posters and billboards). These are old ways of advertising and their effectiveness is waning everyday. Today, it’s the new media that gives bang for the money you expend in advertising. This new media is THE INTERNET.

It has a lot of advantages over the old media. In fact, for small businesses, I advice you stick to internet advertising with Facebook advertising the most effective these days. The old media is only very effective for the big corporations who have the budget to throw 20-50 advert slots a day.

Old Advertising Platforms:
Newsprint (Newspapers and Magàzines)

Radio, TV, Newsprint and billboards are very expensive platforms to advertise, even as their effectiveness is up for debate. A lot of research has shown that their results are too low for the amount of money invested. They are only suited for big businesses.

New Media advertising platforms:
Social media (led by Facebook)
Search engines (led by Google)
Email marketing
Video marketing (led by YouTube)
Graphics marketing
Audio advertising

Note that when you are planning your marketing strategy generally, everything has to go with the same theme. That’s where branding comes in. If your flyer has a Blue theme and a smiling lady in front, your Facebook ads should carry same and so should your Google Ads. Also you should have similar photo in your business premises. This goes a long way to cement your brand message in the mind of your target audience.

For business to business B2B, I strongly suggest sticking with flyers and Facebook ads only. You only need to know those businesses you are targeting then distribute your flyers to them and target your facebook advertisements to display to them. It’s very effective. You have to keep in mind the cost of distributing the flyers to your target business clients.

Some years back, at GSM Clinic Nigeria, we pioneered cracked screen repairs in Nigeria. Our agent in China got us the machine just as it debuted in Gunagzhou, China. We knew that soon the Chinese will flood Nigeria with the machine, so we decided to use the B2B approach so as to cash in before prices crash. We printed a flyer about it and distributed it with all mobile phone repair shops in Port Harcourt, ABA, Uyo and Computer Village in Lagos. Being a new money making avenue, just within 1 week, we got over 300 cracked screens to either repair or buy at ridiculously low prices, since before then, people had no need for them. Within 1 month, it got to about 700. That’s how easy Flyers work for B2B establishments – when the demand is there, the message is assimilated

For B2C, I suggest Posters and a combination of different online media like Facebook, Google and if the budget permits, a curated video and email marketing. Google advertising can never be overestimated. Just because everybody asks Google for one thing or the other, your Google advert if well placed, will pop out and show itself when people asks Google about keyword related to your business.

I remember many years ago when we were deep with GSM Clinic, we were so busy we didn’t know what happened some blocks away from our office for months without end. We became internet shopping addicts. I literally bought everything I used on the internet. From my pants to my suits to my car to my son’s powder. It was while googling and searching that I got to know Their Google advert popped up when I was looking around Amazon. I ended up ordering some suits and dress shirts from Burton UK through them. From then, Bringitbay and it’s operator Morakinyo Mo Beckley became my friends. That’s how good Google advert is.

For an effective Marketing campaign, I always advise people to use a combination of both old and new media. The old media I find reasonable for small businesses (in terms of return on investment) is flyers. Depending on the business type, a combination of flyers and Facebook advertising and Google advertising will take your small business to places if done well. Radio is only good for brand awareness, but you have to have the budget for it, otherwise just invest the small money into Digital online media and get reasonable returns.

We will stop here today. Next, we look at Cold Calling as another way of marketing your business. Be sure to watch out for it, as its rarely practiced in Nigeria. If you need to start digital online advertising using new media, you can start by placing a free adverts on . For a limited time, they are offering free adverts to small businesses. The good part? When you place your Advert, it gets blasted to multiple platforms across the internet.

For an extended read why digital online advertising outperforms Radio, TV and Newspaper, read this blog post I wrote earlier…/why-digital-online-advertisement…/

Till next week, I’ll answer any questions you have in the comments area. Adios.

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