Can people pls take it slow on the TSTV vs DSTV vs Startimes comparison? It’s an herculean task to defeat some1 who has a very stronghold of a market with simple things like price.

DSTV has so much money and clout they can literally replicate the selling points of TSTV within 2 weeks.

HiTV (still remember them?) thought it was all about Premiership, they used d Nigeria way and got EPL rights, but where are they today?

TSTV selling points are
1. Internet – DSTV can deploy this within 1 week, it’s even easier for them to team up with fellow Students African firm MTN

2. Pause Subscription – Another simple technology. Remember when GLO started Pay-Per-Second ? Others started it in no time.

3. Structured Bouquets – This is child’s play. I even have a plugin I can use to struggle bouquets on websites, lol. When Startimes came with terrestrial antenna for medium and low earners, DStv countered them with GOtv.

TSTV, the New kid on the block

Sure, TSTV will get market share, just like any other business. But to think they will gazump DStv with all their financial muscle is joke taken too far.

The biggest muscle DStv has over everybody and which will continue to see them overshadow all is LOCAL CONTENT. DSTV has got so much local content with various African countries which will take many years to match.

Example. Analysts on their Football shows are mostly ex national team players of various African countries. People that ‘speak what we understand’ Their West African broadcast uses ex internationals from Nigeria, Ghana, etc; Southern African broadcast uses ex internationals from that area too like Benny McCarthy. And on top of these, they bring in European ex players and coaches. People adore these local ex players. People believe them. I doubt TSTV will do this because their primary market is not Africa, but Arab and Europe.

DSTVs Supersports regularly features Afro-centric analysts like Ghana’s Sammy Kuffour, South Africa’s Benny McCarthy and England and Liverpool great John Barnes

Now compare what we will be getting from TSTV! BEin Sports, which is a lovely football network I must confess. They don’t have Afro scentric football analysts. They bring together European and South American ex players, which is good by the way, but to sell to Africans, you need an African salesman.

Also there are numerous other local content program which DStv host. I can’t recall them because I dont watch them much and my wife watches the mostly feminine friendly shows, but I can’t forget how Big Brother Africa turned Africa on its head. The final days see social media broken by their responses.

As a business coach, if TSTV think that lowering of price will be their big strategy, they are in for a surprise. Lower prices or deploying easy technology that can be replicated is not and will never be an easy avenue to seize the market. DStv can put them in debt by going lower, and if they can’t match within 1 year, they may close shop. Remember when GLO launched cheap browsing with their undersea fiber optics? A day before they launched, MTN switched to same pricing they were advertising the ‘lower fees’, lol.

Having said that, I wish TSTV luck and hope they stay afloat. But they must build local content. Wait, but isn’t  that part of NBC criteria to get broadcasting license in Nigeria? And this is yet another challenge to DStv to up their game and possibly reduce prices.

Meanwhile, nobody is talking about China-backed Startimes. China is the master of perfecting copy. And by their partnering with NTA, they already have enough local content, they only need to up the content quality. Then they have cash, loads of it. They can deploy technology in a snap. I use their 40-inch TV embedded with their dual purpose decoder.

Startimes TV with Decoder – I like the No-Decoder-Cables-on-my Wall

Everyone should expect a reaction from DStv and Startimes. That’s the truth.

And having said that, I’m going to buy TSTV because Startimes which I use in my living room “tricked” me. They have refused to update their website which Advertise certain channels in a cheaper bouquet, but now those channels are in their premium bouquet, and after paying, i was shocked the 4 channels of interest to me were not in showing. I called them and complained about being misled by the info on their website and they still have done nothing about at least updating the site to stop misleading people. And of course I can watch more football.

Welcome on board TSTV

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