Last time, we looked at Cold Calling, (still under ‘Marketing Your Small Business’). And i promised to show some sample cold calling scripts. Well, without wasting time, let us start off immediately.

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Someone asked if we can send SMS as a way of informing the prospects that we will call. Yes, its a tactic in cold calling known as ‘Warming Up’ the cold call. The SMS simply informs the prospect whom you are, where you work and that you are going to be calling them for this reason at this time. It keeps the prospect in suspense and he eagerly expects the call. Well, that is if you have done your home work correctly and you are certain the prospect needs such product or service. Got it?

Every great cold calling script should have these type of words in it, otherwise it won’t win much:

1. DRIVING WORDS: These words are used to control the discussion and take back control from the prospect, example here include “How about we do it this way “. Most are also courtesy words, examples here include “How about”, “how about”. Others praise the prospect, example here include “You are right, what if”

2. INDUSTRY RELATED WORDS: These are words related to the industry of the product service. For instance, if you are calling someone as a supposed expert in installation of satellite TV and you are not mentioning familiar satellite words/names, its a recipe for failure. But when you mention things like DSTV, StartTimes, signal, etc., already you are sounding like someone familiar with what he is marketing.

3. COMPLEMENTARY WORDS: These are words you use before starting the next statement. They do basically 2 things – they complement the prospect for answering the previous question and then act as a prelude to the next question/statement. Example here include: Great, Excellent, Nice to know, I’m glad to hear, etc

4. QUESTIONS TO KEEP PROSPECT IN THE LOOP: These are questions you ask just to be certain they prospect is following up. Examples include “Are you with me?”, “Did you get that?”, “Is that ok with you?”

So now we have the important words, lets look at the different components of a good cold call script.

1. Greeting
Surely, when you call anyone, more so, someone that doesn’t know you, its necessary to greet the person.

2. Introduction
Briefly state who you are and the company you are with. You can make the introduction very powerful by naming the big clients you have worked for.
My name is – – – -, the operations manager with A&B Nigeria, the people that built – – – – -.

3. Value Statement
This is a statement which summarizes the value which your customers get when they do business with you. This quickly gets the attention of the prospect and immediately puts them in the know why they should give you the few minutes to complete the call.
The reason I’m calling is to discuss how we can help you reduce expenses while maintaining quality in building you new house.
I’m calling to let you know that we have built a new curricular that is similar to the British, which enables primary school pupils assimilate teaching faster

4. Confirm Availability
Its important and courteous to confirm that the prospect has a little time and is available for your call. This is critical since it buys you the 1 or 2 minutes you need and helps in building a rapport with the prospect.
Can I take a minute or 2 of your busy schedule?
Hope I’m not disrupting a meeting?

5. Pre-Qualifying Questions
At this point, its critical to know if the prospect is qualified for your business. Its no use marketing or selling a house for rent to someone who just won American Visa Lottery, got the point? So if the prospect actually qualifies for your business, you have succeeded in decreasing their guard and you may also use this to gather vital information for the call or for use later. If on the other hand the prospect doesn’t qualify, you simply thank them for their time and hang up.

6. Common Pain Points Questions
Pre-qualifying as we stated earlier helps you gather information. Some of this information will enable you determine the pains which the prospect faces. But because some prospects don’t easily open up, you may throw the hook for them to swallow by asking them pain points commonly experienced in the industry.
Madam, has your tailor delayed your dress longer than necessary?
sir, if I may ask, has your furniture maker been prompt in delivering the jobs you gave to him?

7. Building Interest
Once you finish asking the pain point questions, it is time to build interest, by stating how your company is different and how you can solve all these problems.
Seems you are ready to take the next step towards saving cost while maintaining quality in your proposed building, but at the same time you desire building contractors that deliver on time,.
Well Mrs – – – -, we understand how you feel, but I can assure you that your problems are over as far as it has to do with designing and making beautiful dresses delivered on time.

8. Closing
This is where the power punch statement comes in. You either ask for the sale or you ask for an appointment, depending on your business. This in most cases is as a reflection of the answer you got from the pain point question and the amount of interest you were able to generate from above. It may include answers to questions asked above, during the conversation.
So Mrs – – – – , should I come take your measurements so we can make you a new dress for that event and deliver it on schedule?
Mr – – – -, how about meeting you tomorrow by 10am so we can look at some documents together and get started?

9. Thank Them and Hang Up
Like the greeting, this is another important component of every call, more so a business call.
Thanks so much for your time Mrs – – – – – , have a fantastic day/afternoon.


A T-shirt Branding Business sample Cold Call Script

Good afternoon Madam,
My name isĀ Gibson, the principal designer with GI Productions, the people that designed the beautiful campaign dresses used by Rivers state PDP during the 2015 general elections.

I am calling to let you know that we just designed a beautiful mock-u T-shirt that we are certain will be a hit for the upcoming elections. Are you with me madam?
(Wait for their response)
Can I take a minute or 2 to ask you a few questions regarding your plans for the upcoming primary elections?
(Wait for their reply) if YES, Proceed:
Thank you very much
Does your party plan to campaign with branded dresses for better visibility?
(Wait for their reply) if Yes, Continue
That is awesome
Did you hear about {other party} whose campaign dresses were filled with design mistakes and delivered a night before they were to be used?
(Wait for their reply) Whatever their reply, Continue:
Well madam, I’m glad you know the importance of well designed tshirts for political party campaigns, especially if they are made to reflect the party and delivered on time, don’t you madam?
(Wait for their reply) Whatever their reply, continue:
That’s so wonderful of you.
In that case madam, how about meeting you tomorrow by 11am at your office so I can show you these samples we have made that will sure help you campaign better.
(Wait for their reply) If Yes, continue
That is so kind of you.
Thank you very much madam and see you tomorrow by 11am.

That’s it folks for today. Sorry for it coming late. Had to prep for Liverpool FC Vs Arsenal FC football match. And now that the humiliation handed by Liverpool, I have to dash out.

If you are not certain of how to craft a cold cold script for your business, drop a line in the comments section and ask, I may be able to assist you develop one. Lets try it out

Next week, we look at another topic. Cant wrap my head around what right now. Just keep a date. Till then, I will answer any questions in te comments section

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