Are you thinking of starting a small or medium business? SME Masterclass with Daniel Ogolo is here for you!
Have a business idea you want to vet and be sure it will succeed? 
Want to switch businesses or simply want to exit one?
Will it be ONLINE or BRICK & MORTAR kind of business?
No problems. Over the next months or so I am going to be offering lessons, insights and coaching series on small businesses and entrepreneurial ideas. I will do this by mostly tapping into my own personal experiences and that of friends and acquaintances and also best practices derived from tons and tons of online research.

For those who don’t know, I have successfully started and nurtured many small businesses and exited a couple successfully in the past 17 years or so (and 1 or 2 failures, lol – who doesn’t fail?). One or two were THE BEST in Nigeria in their field. It’s no boast, it’s a reality and I will give details about them in due course. I am the kind of guy that sees money making opportunity in just about everything and everywhere. And I go onto every venture with the plan of being the best, I never plan or work to be 2nd best, no. That is failure to me. More on that later.

SME Masterclass with Daniel Ogolo

Mr Daniel Ogolo – SME Coaching from Years of SME Experience

I would have started this series last year, but in November 2016 or so, I was engaged by a HOA member in articulating and setting up a giant integrated farm in his LGA Omuma in Rivers state. It’s a massive project and one people should emulate. If every LGA should have about 2 or 3 of such, protein food will be exported from Rivers state. I will share business insights and ideas from it during the course of this series.

It became necessary for me to start this series because I felt the need to inspire the younger generation, especially in my Rivers state, where entrepreneural mindset is not common. Most folks from my state seem scared to venture into the business terrain. The big guys (and gals, lol) here mostly aspire to setup a posh launge, a filling station and retire by building a 3-star (max) hotel. Now, while this is not bad, but it becomes worrisome that right under their noses, folks from other states are cleaning up finances big time.

Also during the 2015 electioneering campaigns, I came in contact with very many folks from around Rivers state and I was able to deduce that many were not entrepreneurs and during a few discussions, some who wanted to venture had some very basic idea errors which needed addressing. While I may not be the most appropriate to address their flaws, I sure know that I can chip in one or two ideas that would be of immense help to them.

Even if you don’t believe I am the kind of guy that should merit your reading time, I would like you to at least check from time to time on my timeline to read this series and possibly share and tag your loved ones. I am going to put in a lot of energy and time to make sure it’s rich in business info.

Your questions and comments are welcome and I will try as much as possible to attend to as many as I can, because I know over time, folks will take it in and it will start piling up. Also I will be tagging some entrepreneurial friends and acquaintances from within and outside Rivers state and even abroad who MAY chip in with corrections, experiences and replies to questions from time to time.

So brace up and get your business cap on (anything like that? LoL), it’s gonna be exciting in the SME MASTERCLASS with me, DANIEL OGOLO. Welcome on board my platform here on 


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