For many centuries, advertising on traditional media such as Radio, TV and Print was effective for brands to engage the general audience and sell their products and services. However, as more people turn to the Internet to get their news, stream video, social media and search for products and services, it has lead to a decrease in number of people reached by the traditional media. To learn how Digital Online Advertisements Better Than Radio, TV Print Adverts, read on.

Radio, TV and Print (Flyers, Banner, Poster and Billboard) adverts, which are the Traditional forms of advertisement are no more worth their hype for small and medium businesses, in terms of getting returns on investment. With the attention of the audience getting shorter, they tend to tune away during the commercials and (for radio and tv) while they simply don’t get hooked enough by print media. People now feel they are being bombarded with too many commercials.

While these traditional forms of advertising still have some level of effectiveness mostly in brand awareness, it is mostly expensive thereby not ideal to use by small and medium sized businesses.

On the other hand, digital media (also known as New Media) offers a better alternative platform for advertisement to small and medium sized businesses. The New Media platforms include Blogs, Social media sites, online news sites, Email, Mobile Apps, online photo and video sites and ebooks. With these, businesses with small advertisement budget can even the the playing field and effectively get to their desired audience.

Many small and medium businesses find it difficult to decide which platform to advertise mainly because of budget, so they can get a sizable return on their small budget. While this is not an easy decision, this article is aimed at showcasing the advantages of digital online advertising over traditional advertising. It will expose some of the benefits of digital advertising and marketing that can have a positive and direct impact on small and medium businesses.




With online digital advertising depending on the method you prefer, you can set a budget per day, week or month or even per click. That can be a much better return than spending Fifty Naira per flyer then spending more to distribute them. A one minute advert spot on prime TV and radio events like football World Cup can run into hundreds of thousand of Naira.

There are many factors that will prove here that digital online media is much more effective than traditional media in advertising, but cost seems to be the one singular factor that everyone can agree upon.

There is no known metrics of measuring the effectiveness and ROI for traditional advertising, however with the new digital media, you can gauge your ROI from the particular campaign to the later and make adjustments where necessary.

With traditional advertising, what you are doing is like a blind guess. Radio, TV and Print advertising is like cast netting – you just throw it out and hope your target audience gets to see or hear it. For the campaigns received by those not in your target, its wasted effort and money. But with digital online media, you can target the exact audience you want to reach, thereby drastically reducing wastage. You can target local or international audience, age bracket, gender, sex, marrital status, interests, etc. With online advertising media, the targetting metrics is massive.

With the comments, shares and likes, you can interact and engage with your audience in digital online media platforms. This can encourage your audience to take action leading to more sales while also getting desired feedback on how your adverts are performing. This is not possible with the traditional media.

You can encourage your audience, followers and clients to visit your website, read about your products and services and take action, which may include making instant purchases.

While Traditional media doesn’t allow the audience choose how to receive your adverts, with digital online media, your audience has the ability to choose how to receive your campaign. They can choose from reading Blog posts, watching online videos, viewing infographics and photos online or reading your stuff via email. Where they don’t intend to get any adverts from you any longer, the option to opt out is very easy with Digital online media, while with Traditional media, people get irritated when they constantly have to receive adverts they dislike on TV or radio or print media.

With digital online media, you don’t have to wait for days or weeks in order to see how your advertisements are performing. With ability to instantly monitor ad performance, advertisers have the ability to make instant adjustments to encourage ads that are performing well and limit their spend on those that are not. You also can monitor the type of visitors you receive on your digital platforms, where they come from, their device type, times and days of visit, number of visitors and rate of conversion and sales. This is impossible with traditional media.

With digital advertising, you have the option of running A/B/C split test adverts, so when you observe any which is not performing well, you can pause, stop or make any necessary adjustments.

Having established that traditional advertising is very expensive thereby shutting out many small and medium businesses, the new digital media has brought some level playing field in that these small businesses can spend as small as N5,000 and have their adverts go far and to their target audience.

There are plenty hidden costs associated with traditional media advertising. In TV, asisde the obvious huge air time expenses,there is the studion time and hiring of professionals to make the adverts plus the recording expenses. With radio its same, just substitute the pro with people with what they call “radio voice”. Also their prices are not stable. During important events, their air time prices usually spike. For print, you have to think about the distribution costs and associated risks. But with Digital online media, the only known ‘hidden cost’ is time (your’s, your employee or your Digital Advertisement Agency).


It’s almost impossible for a billboard, flyer, poster or banner advert to go viral and become a topic of discussion outside your immediate environment. Same goes with TV and Radio, even when huge budgets are thrown in. But with Digital online media like social media platforms, a budget advertisement can instantly be a hit across the country as users share it amongst their contacts free for you. On average, a social media user has about 300 friends, if such user shares your advert which interests them, about 10% or 30 of his friends get to see it. If a third of these friends or 10 of them also share it, your advert quickly goes viral across a much bigger environment.


With the evolution recorded in advertising, small and medium sized businesses have to take the plunge into Digital Online media if they havent done so already. If you have the budget to place a commercial during football World Cup, just do so, even if you can’t calculate the ROI. For the rest of us that cannot afford to spend that much on advertising, digital advertising is the solution to our problems.

While radio, TV and print advertisements still has some form of relevance especially for big advertisers, small and medium businesses who can obviously not compete should take solace in digital online media. They need to strategies and make the best use of their small advertisement budget in Digital Online Media to keep their businesses alive. All these has shown why Digital Online Advertisements Better Than Radio, TV Print Adverts.

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