Here are a few reasons why NigeriADS consistently delivers better Adverts results than the traditional outdated and over-rated Radio, TV and Newspaper Houses

– Our Advertisement placement costs considerably less than Radio, TV & Newspaper Ads, yet delivers much more than these over-rated platforms.
– Saves you even more money by re-marketing only a smaller percentage of your desired audience who have shown interest in your Advert.
– Our Ads are targeted directly to your desired audience, unlike traditional media which cannot determine who gets your Ads on their platform.
– Only those tuned to a particular media station or with that specific newspaper will see your Ads, unlike our Ads which follows your targets everywhere on the internet.
– Radio & TV has specific times to air Ads, which may not be when your audience is available to get it, but our system displays your Ads the moment your desired audience comes online, no matter the time
– Radio, TV & Newspaper is hit and miss, as your Ad is a one-off announcement, so whoever doesn’t get it during that particular edition ¬†will never get it again, while our Ads shows itself to your target audience continuously until they take action.
– With our Ads platform you can see people interested in your Advert so you can contact or re-market them unlike radio, television & newspaper which is a guess work.

Why your Personal Facebook Efforts Can’t Match Our Services

Feeling you can sell your advert by simply posting with your personal facebook account? Think again. You are headed for failure. Here are some reasons why:
– Your personal Facebook profile is limited to just 5,000 friends.
– Facebook shows your personal posts to a small percentage of this 5,000 friends only and it’s only to those who consistently interacts with you.
– There is a popular saying that most of your friends don’t want you to succeed, so why waste your time posting for them to like you?
– It’s a lot of work to setup and maintain Facebook page for business.
– It costs huge money to run a Facebook page for business effectively.
– Facebook only shows your personal posts to a very tiny percentage of your page LIKErs (less than 5%) unlike our service which gets to approximately 95% of your desired audience.
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